I wrote this blog in anticipation of the derisory comments which would come the way of Reuter’s piece on the volcanic eruption in New Zealand.


The most ancient faiths had a belief in Nature, who we in India recognise as Prakriti who was always referred to as a female ie. “Her”.

This divinity of nature entwined into daily life on a continual basis was the reason why some considered “Her” alive. The ancients lived in communication with Nature unlike modern humans. There was a give and take between Nature and ancient humans at that time which was honoured over millennia.

Evolutionary consciousness:

However periodically, Nature redrew these boundaries between Her and us such as at the time of a volcanic eruption. Many humans would perish at these times and hence these events would have imprinted in mankind’s evolutionary consciousness somepoint after multitudes of volcanic eruptions had reduced their populations to small numbers.

Eventually ancient mankind would have learnt to pick up subtle signals that a volcano was going to erupt. Like today, that knowledge would have rested within a few. The Maori have always lived near “Her” and hence their ability to pick up these signals through a variety of methods, all intended to reduce the power of the rational mind and increase the power of the subliminal would have been applied through trial and error thousands of years ago.

Modern man:

In contrast, the ability to pick up Nature’s signals doesn’t come easily to modern man. We surround ourselves with artificial constructs to stop Nature intruding onto our lives and while that can be useful, for example, in stopping extreme cold or rain intruding into our personal spaces. However, over the last 50 years, this artificial construct which started with an effort to keep the extremities of weather out of our daily lives has now resulted in a complete disconnect with Nature and “Her”.

The Fire hidden away from view: Jwalamukhi

The element which is hidden away from view in a volcano even if it were dormant is Fire. That Fire was harnessed by ancient humans in India who worshipped it and later on established it as a sort of remote viewing portal. Nath sadhus have used their dhunis to do exactly this for millennia and even today there are many examples of many people who still spend a long time by burning fires and are able to pick up events happening in the present and in the future.

It is a similar method which is used by the Maori in New Zealand to communicate with the volcano. Communication with Fire who is always present in some form in a volcano is easier. On India, the volcano is given a name “Jwalamukhi” and Her form is that of a Goddess with an entire body of literature and shrines devoted to Her worship. Hence it is not unusual for some Indians to recognise the Shakti enshrined in the Jwalamukhi.

Jwalamukhi shrine at Kangra

To be continued.

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