By Dr Manish Pandit

In the Joy of being Alive:

Two of the most important things to remember are that:

  1. Whatever was made will decay eventually. You may try and try and try to somehow preserve it BUT either you preserve the body in name only and the essence will pass away OR the body will perish while the essence remains BUT that essence cannot be seen by most people. And just as well.

The second point is shorter:

  1. Whatever was born MUST die.

The former process of decay and old age is Divine Mother Kalika in the form of Bhairavi. She therefore is causative of all that causes decay in the world. Most people therefore today will not really get into the idea of doing any worship to Her.. because that’s an old idea where wealth and the trappings of the material world don’t really matter.

A few people try and get Her worship to protect their name or fame or body or wealth from decay BECAUSE She is described as the cause behind the cause of this…. even those people are usually not successful in doing so (mostly a good deal of money pervades the environment in which they try and what has Bhairavi to do with that?)

Now let’s come to the latter… She is Kalika Herself. She who brings form into the world and eventually destroys it as well. This was true for Yudhistira, it was true for Arjuna and it was true for Avataras like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. This should remind most people that we are really non entities in this ephemeral world and therefore one should thank our lucky stars that we are even alive and well and able to enjoy our lives..

Almost everything will eventually come to an end.
That end of course is not a full stop for even after death there is usually (for most) a new beginning. (And of course we shouldn’t forget a reckoning of karmic accounts in the middle which can be quite terrifying for those who engage in evil acts in this lifetime)
Therefore, for those who have gone in the right direction and on the path of humanity in this lifetime, those beings can rest easy and chill out and relax in the inevitability of it all.
Death comes to all but it need not be terrifying to you. I therefore propose that we be joyful and raise a toast of the finest brew to Death. Meanwhile live life with one’s loved ones and be thankful for it all!

Jai Mahakaal

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