Most people in India have no idea that in practice, the Indian state has taken over most Hindu temples through the power invested in state governments. For example around 71,000 temples in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are currently under Government control. This includes temples with expenditure less than 10,000 Rs.
The priests running these temples are given less than 1000 Rs as a salary per month whereas the driver of the executive officer appointed by the state gets a monthly salary of over 10,000 Rs. What this means is that in a few decades it is possible that Hindu temples will have nobody to run their ceremonies.
This systematic cultural genocide of Hindus should have raised hackles except for the fact that the fourth pillar of democracy i.e. the media, functions like the fifth column when it comes to the legitimate rights of Hindus. The media in India selectively blacks out this sort of information pertaining to shocking abuse against Hindus on a daily basis.

This is in sharp contrast to the institutions run by minorities, who are allowed full autonomy in all their affairs. Discrimination against Hindus is therefore rife in India, it is time to launch legal challenges against the state governments to ensure that Hindus are given back their temples since it appears that the central Government has no political will to make legislative changes and end this cultural genocide of Hindus.

The following films have been made to highlight the plight of Hindus:

Short Film 1: Free Hindu temples

Short Film 2: Free Hindu temples part 2 which details the loot of Hindu temples in a short interview

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