By Dr Manish Pandit

Lets consider another name used for a lot of Mahavidyas which occurs in many different traditions.

This name is क्रोध. Here we are going into one the names of the Great Wisdom Goddess Bhairavi.

क्रोध is the first word which figures in a certain Dhyana of the Great Goddess as described in the Tantras in the Sahasranaam and Shatanaam stotras (and it also is used to describe other different Mahavidyas too but for the moment lets consider Bhairavi)

Why is this word क्रोध so important?

Well, it is well known that the Bhagawad Gita refers to क्रोध as that which causes delusion. 

So we already know that क्रोध is known as a very destructive emotion. Here it is important to note the destructive quality of anger as that which can destroy in only a little while, that which has taken a long time to build. (It’s also reputed to destroy the carrier of this emotion) The quality of Tamas is like that. This word क्रोध is synonymous with कोपः, which is a word which is more often used in connection with the Divine (as in Divine anger or wrath). So this is definitely one possible way of viewing the word क्रोध.

क्रोध is also one of the eight vices which cause a person to be categorised as a Pashu.

The greater the anger, the worse the outcome, because anger reduces comprehension (according to a few thinkers, anger also stems from fear, another of the eight vices which plague mankind and also cause a loss of comprehension)

Thus it is not wrong to consider that that which causes क्रोध is something which reduces the life span (and therefore contributes to the very definition of the Great Wisdom Bhairavi as that which causes a decline in all things living)

Thus we can say that the very emotion क्रोध is linked to the Mahavidyas. It is also the case that the worship of the Mahavidyas reduces क्रोध. 

Frequently the manifestation of anger is seen in people who conduct the worship of the Great Wisdom Goddesses. These are all signs that the knowledge is not being digested. The removal of क्रोध and a beginning of calm are all therefore clear manifestations of the Great Wisdom in the heart.

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