By Dr Manish Pandit


The Tithi of Krishna Chaturdashi (night before the New Moon day occurring monthly) is traditionally associated in India with the monthly Shivaratri. The most famous of these yearly is Maha Shivaratri where devotees fast and try and stay awake in the hope of catching a glimpse of Shiva who is said to give darshan to his devotees on this night. However, not all of these lunar dates are associated with fortunate events. In fact, the Tithi just prior to Diwali night is designated as Kali Chaudas and is associated with Smashanic rituals. My personal observation is that some very tragic events can occur in these times.

Why should this be the case?

The Puranas detail Krishna Chaturdashi to be the night when the Moon stole away the wife of Brihaspati or Guru, the purohit of the Devatas. As Guru is the one who protects knowledge, the Tithi of K14 is not said to be auspicious (barring some exceptions) This post details some of these incidents in the last few years.

Association with tragic deaths related to young people:

At least two tragedies involving groups of young students which shook two separate nations have happened on Krishna Chaturdashi (K14) in the last few years.

The first was in 2015 where 6 Irish students died tragically in a balcony collapse while in the United States: the event threw Ireland into shock with an outpouring of grief nationally: it was K14 at Sunrise.

Irish Student Tragedy

The next was just yesterday where a group of 21 South African students were found dead throwing the whole of South Africa into shock with national grief at this tragedy:

Mars Gandanta and Krishna Chaturdashi

Impression: I have seen other accidents involving young people on K14 in the past too and while the data is by no means conclusive, you would be hard pressed to find two separate national tragedies like this on a particular lunar Tithi. The association may be because K14 is also ruled by the Great Goddess Dhumavati ( to read about her, check this link:

The Great Wisdom Dhumavati and K14

The other incident which occurred recently on a K14 was the unfortunate death of 46 migrants in a Texas truck :

K14 and the migrants tragedy

Conclusion: While this is anecdotal evidence for K14 other than MahaShivratri’s association with tragedies, it is by no means conclusive and could be somewhat more than a coincidence in the absence of more data which is of course difficult to find and isolate as being just “because of a Tithi”

In the next part I will detail the effect of Mars in Gandanta when combined with the K14 Tithi.

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