By Dr Manish M Pandit

Most Bhakti requires a Dridha belief.
Most Jnana requires direct experience.👇🏻
Most Jnana requires Sadhana.
Most Sadhana requires Bhakti.
Most Bhakti requires a Dridha Belief.

Now, note the problem… and this problem comes upon nearly every sadhaka…
Bhakti requires Dridha belief.
For eg: The statement that Shiva resides in Kashi is taken as a Dridha belief.
The millions of Bhaktas going to Kashi went on the basis of this belief only!

Yet… who has actually seen Shiva?
ie. what I am asking is “Who actually had the “Divyam Dadami Te Chakshuh” to actually see Shiva with the two physical eyes?
Therefore, the statement “Shiva resides in Kashi” remains a statement to be explained/experienced but Bhakti allows it.

So… if any sadhaka goes to Kashi, they go there simply and simply because of the Bhakti which is based in turn upon the Bhakti of so many before them.
This is something which a scientist is not going to ever explain.

Now… if some third person sees this AND has no clue of what this Bhakti is, then what will they term it?
The problem is that only a Bhakta can actually see Shiva… I am not saying it… it’s in the shastras and it’s explained well by people far more superior than me!!

Under certain conditions, the eyes will see for a flash some glimpse of that which resides in Kashi.. how?
Through an intersection of special space/special time and special Bhakti… beyond the pale of the ordinary.. then it’s possible.
All the intellect in the world is useless at that point. That will be for you, but can you prove it to anyone else? Of course not. There is a reason, that is… because that experience was for you and you only.

If you wish to see, then you must discard your millions of identities affecting the head and heart which everybody has.
The sant Mira bai, the other Sants of old.. they can show you… all Tantra mantra and intellect is just extraneous… Shivji is beyond all that.

That is not to say that Tantra does not exist… however, frequently is it the case that the arrogance which comes upon those sadhakas is terrific.
And the problem is that humility is absolutely necessary along with relentless internal questioning…

You may be super rich, super good looking or super intelligent or super great in everyday life… or you may be a great Tantrika… none of those will necessarily give you a glimpse of the Divine with two physical eyes….
Shiva is beyond all that.


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