Hanuman Chalisa use by Dr Manish Pandit

Many a time it happens that people are best by weird anxieties and strange fears. They go to temples to get relief, they may go to Gurus to get relief but nothing seems to work. In this situation one may land up in counselling and that has its own trajectory.

I am suggesting one remedy which may be used in tandem with whatever else you are doing. Hanuman Chalisa is a special Stotra of Hanuman. Like a few stotras of Hanuman it is Swayam siddha, which means that it works on its own when chanted without much effort. The caveats of Hanuman sadhana apply in this case which is strict Brahmacharya, preferably don’t eat meat (fish is not a specific restriction, other meat eaters may try Ganesh/Bhairav sadhanas which may be better, alcohol is a no no in this sadhana).

One may start doing this Sahana on a Saturday or on a Tuesday or Wednesday, at the same time and place one may do 11/21 repetitions of Hanuman Chalisa, use a red asana to sit on or one of Kusa grass and do this for 21 days or at least 7 days or 11 days and while the repetition is going on, it should be audible.

Also do check the link on Pitru Shanti at Gaya specifically which should be done in the Pitru Paksha here with emphasis on the site Preta Shila in Gaya


The sadhana is very straight forward for those seekers who are from India, others may find that this 45 minute sadhana takes 2 hours which is somewhat inconvenient, a lamp of Mustard or sesame oil may be kept burning at all times. After the 21 days, make sure to feed 10 boys of less than 10 years of age on a Saturday or a Tuesday or Wednesday (whichever day it was that you started). Repeat three times a year for a good response… please give any feedback with suggestions if you want.

Keep a bottle of water in a copper or glass jug in front of you when doing this remedy and use that water throughout the day. Use this image for visualisation:


Here is the remedy in cinematic form on my FB page:


Here is the remedy in cinematic form on my Youtube site:

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