Film and Documentary: Dr. Manish Pandit is a director, scriptwriter and cinematographer, who is known for making films on topics which very few within the broadcast and non-broadcast media like to touch. He has made several films including the acclaimed Krishna: History or Myth, Mumbai: Pani Mafia, SaiBaba: An Indian Jesus, Bharat ek Chetna and perhaps his best known film “The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy(2014)”.

His films can be divided into two principal categories, those which pertain to religion and those which pertain to politics. Apart from his feature length documentaries, he also makes short films which can be seen on saraswatifilms.org


He is a physician who lives in the United Kingdom. He arrived in England in the mid 1990’s and trained as a surgeon (FRCS General Surgery and FRCS ENT) before switching career streams to Nuclear Medicine and obtaining a Masters with a Merit from Kings College in the process. He is an alumnus of BJ Medical College in Pune. He has published on many research topics within the fields of medicine and is a senior tutor for medical students in England as well as regional director for training in his medical speciality. He has also authored several short films for Medicine for free including speciality medicine for educational purposes and training (these are password protected and may be obtained by other doctors for viewing and teaching). He is in the process of making a full repository of films on Medicine for free distribution on Youtube (this will take 4-5 years).

Spirituality: He has had an active interest in Indian history and spirituality since he was 21 years old, which is also when he met his Guru, Nakhate Maharaj. However he considers that spirituality (and alignment with so called dharma) is mostly useless unless closely moving with humanity and compassion on the ground in real life. It is easy for those who have not been miserable in life and not been engaged in the service of others for decades to be dismissive of any other sentient being’s troubles as mere “thought” or “nonsense”. Medicine provides him that impetus as nothing moves humans more than the sight of others suffering.

Indology: He maintains an extensive personal library of books on Indology. He has studied the dating of the Mahabharata sufficiently enough to be considered as an expert on dating the Mahabharata using ancient Indian astronomy and is considered as a student of Dr Narahari Achar (a physics professor from Memphis who dated the Mahabharata to 3067BCE).

Mahavidya Temple effort: It is envisaged that at least 5 Mahavidya temples will be installed and consecrated mostly as house temples if possible, with this in mind, the first of these a Ma Baglamukhi mandir has been installed in Pune. The second temple to the great Goddess Dhumavati has been installed in Pune, the temple has been built and work will be completed soon.

Veda: He has also studied the Vedas under the tutelage of Vedavachaspati Phatak Guruji of Pune in the late 1990s and can recite parts of different different Vedic samhitas.

Mysticism: He retains an avid interest in Indian mysticism and his advice is sought from all over the world on matters concerning this difficult subject although by no means does he consider himself an expert. He has in the past also written books on Jyotisha on which he is considered somewhat of an expert. He is acknowledged to be one of the few scientists with extensive traditional knowledge of Indian scriptures.

When not working in the field of medicine, he spends time filming for one of his many documentary projects or lecturing on subjects of importance to India.

Mahavidya Temple effort: It is envisaged that at least 5 Mahavidya temples will be installed and consecrated mostly as house temples if possible, with this in mind, Ma Baglamukhi mandir has been installed in Pune. A Bhairav temple is also envisaged in the near future. Most of these will ideally thought to be house temples barring the temple to the Great Widow.

To contact him for making a film of scientific or national importance please contact him directly via the contact page.

His latest film “Bharat Ek Chetna” takes a refreshing look at the meaning of India and argues successfully that the constraints imposed by the Communist inspired Nehruvian idea of India on an entire civilization must be removed especially if India is to step into the shoes of a Vishwaguru. Based on the backdrop of the anti national JNU agitation, the film portrays shocking eyewitness accounts for the first time and also shows how the Indian Left nearly destroyed the backbone of Indian thought. The film has had screenings in London, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru so far.

A short interview with him from 2010 when he was much younger!!

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