By Dr Manish Pandit

A few words on the Great Wisdom Devi Baglamukhi :
In popular terms, people think in terms of winning court cases when they think of this Devata, because of Her prabhava in stoppage of the “wicked” at the appropriate moment.

However, one of Her most formidable powers is actually the power of transformation of the sadhakas who go to Her sharnagati.

The holding of the tongue of the wicked has actually got much deeper layers of meanings:

A. To stop your own tongue. (Control over taste, speech and Yoga)

The way we are perceived in this world by others is dependent on how we interact with them, the tongue is one such very frequently used object which gives others a perception of ourselves, almost like a mirror of our minds, in terms of what we speak.
Too often, a careless word leaves people hurt, heartbroken. Too often, our words can be like a child’s prattle, speaking for hours with no real outcome or meaning. Too often, we say things without truly understanding the import of them.
All these thoughtless tongue prattle is stopped by the grace of Mother in this form.

Again, the reactions of a person decide what happens in life. The legendary ability of Mother is to stop Her sadhaka from reacting. She allows the person to start observing and gaze at life and stop unnecessary reaction.

B. Today each of us has some or the other wicked traits. Each of these is killed and stopped by the grace of this form. The mistake many people make is to start worship of this form and then they get shocked by “wrong results”. Actually what is happening is that She is killing your bad traits.

C. The supreme power of this Devata stops our own wicked thoughts from taking over our mind and starting a whole new chain of karma. That change in intelligence is most important for a sadhaka. She changes the internal enemy of pride to humility, all Shadripus come in control with the power of the great wisdom Baglamukhi.

D. There is actually no separation between us as individuals and the Divine. The obliteration of that line of separation is accomplished by Mother in a very peculiar way. Here the term “wicked” is applied and contemplated by the sadhaka as that which ruins your ability to be One with the Universe. Hence this Devata is worshipped by Hatha yogis as She is an irresistible force to remove this separation.

The meaning of the word wicked within the mantra has innumerable layers and depending on the layer the exact result is got within the sadhakas life.
Lastly, in the traditions of some South Indian worshippers She is the force which stops Vayu and brings it into control at a specific point within the body to create Amrita.

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Jai Ma.

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