By Dr. Manish Pandit

Some remedial measures for Saturn affliction:

One thing that we should all note is that Saturn is the lord of introspection and reflection. If there is one Devata who can help during a storm after Hanuman and various forms of the Devi and not necessarily in that order, then that is Shani Dev. Saturn usually also has the power to strengthen those who really serve people selflessly. It is to be seen in experience that those people may be afflicted by other grahas but Saturn’s gaze on such people is somewhat less stern than on others.

Saturn has an aspect on three signs, the 3rd, the 7th and the 10th. These three signs are aspected in a natal chart and also during transit.

But then what is Saturn affliction in reality?

1: Saturn’s transit over Janma Rashi is termed as a SadeSaathi. While the term is used by many unscrupulous people to frighten potential clients, in reality also, there is truth in the affliction of Saturn transit over natal Moon, although the results are not quite hard and fast in their appearance.

2. Kantak Shani: The transit of Saturn in the 8th from the natal Moon is almost certain to bring some sort of real troubles especially in professional and personal life.

The various positions of Saturn from Natal Moon

3. Ardha Asthama Shani: This transit also brings troubles although in experience these are less than those of Janma or Kantaka Shani.

Finally, Saturn transit over Navamsa Moon is also to be appreciated.

One other remedy is to worship Saturn Himself:
A short film on Saturn is presented here:
Jai Shani Dev

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