By Dr. Manish Pandit

It was a Tuesday many years ago when I was searching for an upaya (remedy) for debts for someone I knew and I came to find this old remedial measure from the classics.
Many people feel that Graha remedies don’t work of should not work or that Grahas should not be venerated. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Should Grahas be worshipped?:

In the Vedic faith, everything has its own place like it is in the Universe. Many people feel that only the best should be worshipped and so they feel that grahas should not be given any importance. But, to give you an analogy, if your electric burner is not working, you call an electrician and not the Prime Minister of the country for advice.

This particular film shows us a fascinating remedy in cinematic format on Rna Vimochana but it works for all sorts of Mangal related issues including relationships.

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