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By Dr Manish Pandit

I often get asked about the usefulness of past life regression and here is my two cents:

  1. I personally think that its a waste of time. How can you be absolutely sure that what has been seen under hypnosis is real? What was visualised could indeed be imagination as well. The greatness of this life on earth is that you don’t remember what deeds you actually performed in previous lifetimes… this gives less baggage…. to those who are in their 30’s and 40’s and older, carrying all those memories is sometimes like excess baggage. It is a great blessing to be able to forget… one of the great blessings is by Shiva in the form of Rudra who causes destruction… here the destruction is of memories… what a blessing to be able to forget until one has enough spiritual merit by dint of penance as a buffer to remember and not react too much to that information on past life.
  2. For those who actually want to know, there are very specific sadhanas of very specific Devatas which can be performed to actually come to accurately know one’s past life… but even then I will say.. best look at the present moment and what the future can bring, that’s way way more important. Besides even after knowing the past life, what did you achieve?
  3. Personally I think, don’t hand over your hard earned money to the many people who want it in return for something which is unlikely to be of any benefit.
  4. Always remember “Tapeshwari Sey Rajeshwari, Rajeshwari Sey Narkeshwari” whenever you feel like seeing past lifetimes. The future is way more important… but if you must, then do some proper guided and serious sadhana to see these past lifetimes… that way you can be absolutely sure of what your past life really was… don’t fall prey to nonsense.
  5. Occasionally you may be lucky enough to find a reasonably advanced Sadhaka or a good Sadhaka with a specific siddhi of a Devata where they may be able to tell you exactly who you were in the past life…. but unless you have tested this out as well you may or may not be able to rely on it…. again what exactly is the use of this knowledge must first be determined… if there is some gain out of it then it may be useful…

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