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By Dr Manish Pandit

Many years ago, Gorakshanath lost physical contact with his Guru Macchindra Nath

Going into deep meditation, he looked within the mirror of his own heart and saw a strange sight. His Guru Macchindra Nath was sitting amidst a variety of beautiful naked women who were serving him. He also saw an amazingly beautiful woman sitting on his Guru’s lap.

Gorakshnath was alarmed. “Arre arre, my Guru is badly bound by Maya. I must rescue him somehow, he is a Nath after all”

Getting up from his asana of tiger skin, Gorakshnath immediately commanded the Bagla mantra which allowed him to go great distances in an instant. As he was flying through the air, after a bit of time, he saw a great langur of golden hue who pursued him and then finally obstructed him.

Returning to the ground, Gorakshnath asked the langur to stop obstructing him. The great langur of golden hue replied “I am Hanumant, son of Vayu “ I am the border sentry of this kingdom called “Stri Rajya. You can’t enter”.

Gorakshnath immediately commanded one of the other mantras of Bagla and bound Hanuman right there. Frozen in time and space, Hanuman could only watch as Gorakshnath continued into Stri Rajya.

There he dressed himself as a woman and infiltrated the group of minstrels who had come on invitation to the Stri Rajya.

He saw the whole scene as he had seen it before in his heart. His heart sank. “Oh dear, my Guru is phasa hua in all this Maya, I must wake him up”

After a while, Gorakshnath started playing a peculiar tune using his fingers as a drum and his voice called out “Chalo Macchindra Goraksh aaya “.

To cut a long story short, the two Naths eventually left Stri Rajya and on the way there, Gorakshnath made an additional discovery. He saw that there were gold bars in the jhola of Macchindra nath. “Ah my Guru is stuck, I must throw away this gold”, so saying, he threw away all the gold.

By this point they had reached Mt Girnar. Gorakshnath said “Deva, you can make disciples like me as you wish, you can turn lead to gold, why were you addicted to this gold then”?

Macchindra looked peculiarly at Gorakshnath and put his hand over his head, then he commanded Gorakshnath “Piss upon this mountain of Girnar, it will turn to gold”. Gorakshnath was puzzled “Was it even possible?”

But he did so immediately following instructions to the letter. It is said that the mountain of Girnar turned to gold.

Then Gorakshnath understood that it was all a test. He did a full dandavat Pranaam to Macchindra Nath and when he got up he suddenly realised that the two of them were back in that same cave as they were 12 years ago. The fire was blazing in the dhuni and Macchindra was completing a special ritual. Macchindra looked at Gorakshnath “boy, get me some more wood and don’t forget the raktachandan this time”

Then Gorakshnath realised that it was all a dream. This is my sankshipt retelling of one of the stories of the Naths.

Wake up from the dream.

Jai Mahakaal

Post script: We know that the Naths really existed primarily because of the great Yogi Dnyaneshwar Maharaj whose samadhi is at Alandi. He was instructed by his elder brother Nivritti who in turn was instructed by one of the nine Naths called Gahini Nath who was created by Gorakshnath. Otherwise very little physical proof would have existed of the Naths.

Post Script and Author’s annotations:

There are many bits missing in this story. These women, if memory serves me right are the wives of Ravana.

What is their fate after the death of Ravana and who do they blame? Since Sri Rama does not exist any longer as a permanent physical entity on earth, they hold his emissary: Hanuman responsible for their pain and lack of physical pleasure. Hence Hanuman is told by Macchindranath that you yourself must go to the Stri Rajya.

After realisation strikes Hanuman that this entire situation would be incompatible with his SwaDharma of Brahmacharya, he also realises that the Nathas are amsa avataras of Narayan themselves (hence their attachment to Shiva as Adi Natha)

Hanuman therefore becomes perplexed as to what to do with all these rnanubandhas with all these women?

Looking at his predicament, Macchindranath suggests a solution.

Macchindranath says that he will go to the Stri Rajya and using his powers satisfy the entire Stri Rajya. Hanuman in turn guards the border to prevent anybody disturbing Macchindranath.

There are huge implications to this story not the least being that Macchindranath still retains his celibacy even after being in Stri Rajya for 12 years!!!

The mountain of Girnar it is said was never returned to its original form but people’s limited vision prevents them from seeing the truth which was covered up using mantra Shakti.

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Jai Mahakaal

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