Many people have asked me whether I had envisaged that Homa or Fire worship would take on in the fashion that it seems to have, in several thousand homes today accross the world?

Well, in actual fact and those of you who know me really well will testify to this fact of life, that I have always tried to embody the bushido concept of “No mind”.

In this particular case,it would be fair to say that this idea came from the depths of the cosmos and I was eventually drawn by events far beyond my control to that Kalikambal temple in 2005… where I undertook to do the Durga Saptashati parayanas over a period of many days and nights. Eventually many things happened, but perhaps the crux of these was the appearance of a young girl on the Friday at sunset at that temple.

I used to chant the Saptashati inside the garbagraha of that ancient Durga temple in Chennai and that day Narayan and another boy were sitting and listening inside.

Anyway. This girl came there in the evening, just as I stood up to leave the garba graha. She blocked our path, sat on the threshold of the garbagraha in a fashion such that the entire exit was obstructed. Then she imperiously commanded me, “I want to listen to the patha and you are leaving? Wont you recite it once more?”

Well, me and Narayan looked at each other, then we sat down and I commenced another recitation. The girl sat down in the pose which Hanuman makes on one knee and folded her hands together and closed her eyes and smiled.

Anyway, I got lost in that recital… and at around 40 mins into it, I closed my eyes. The Devas and the Asuras were battling,but above all there was Divine Mother with her ferocious huge lion eating the Maha Daityas.

When I finally opened my eyes, she was gone….. only then did I realise. On retrospective counting, I realised that the last patha made my parayana complete.

Well, Mother inspired me…..  that there was a task: this was that I must find a way of letting all people have access to homa or fire worship, without caste or creed coming into the equation.

I communicated this to Narasimha and after a great deal of discussion between me, him and Narayan about the exact content of these manuals, he was kind enough to make the first MahaGanapati homam manual without which these matters could not have been commenced.

I pray that the worship through Fire reaches every person who is willing to follow the basic rules of fire worship.

I thank Vimalananda and Shree Nakhate Maharaj, Phatak Guruji as well as the venerable Shree Rama or “Junior Guru Maharaj” without whom none of these things could have happened.

Jai Mahakaal

May saints prosper. May women prosper. May Rakshasas in the form of men be subdued. May passions be calmed. May inner light and peace dawn on the world’s inhabitants.

First though,it appears that there will be something else. The third eye of ShivShankar has opened.

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