Dr Manish Pandit

For years (as former friends and colleagues who got bored of this set of questions will testify) I used to repeat what I am about to write here today:

Now you are awake are you not? And the world is real, is it not?

Answer to above question: Yes

Then you will go to sleep at night and for some point of time, the Universe what was real will be dead for you. (This is in deep sleep). Is this correct?

Answer to above question by friends after some thought: Yes.. hmm never thought of it though.

Then you will have a dream. And many a time the dream will be as real to you as your normal reality? That world of dreams becomes your new reality.

Answer: Yes… hmmm, interesting now that you mention it. True.

And then I ask, at what point does the “reality of dreams” end and the “reality of wakefulness“ start?

Answer: The “Reality of Dreams” ends mostly when I wake up and the new reality takes over with its own set of rules and it’s own space and time.

My inference (Anumana): So it is with death, that the new reality takes over and the old one of your life ends. There is a seamless take over except in those cases where some other state (bhuta/preta/ etc takes over where that becomes the new reality with its own space and time)


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