Gandanta in Jyotish applies to specific points of the zodiac.

26deg 40 min Pisces to 3 deg 20 of Aries

26deg 40 min Cancer to 3 deg 20 of Leo

26deg 40 min Scorpio to 3 deg 20 of Sagittarius

These points are the junction of Water and Fire signs and are points of danger in terms of practical vedic astrology where grahas (loosely translated as planets) lose their strength and can give bad results in terms of their signification. The three types of Gandanta are Tithi, Rasi and Lagna Gandanta.

Out of all of these, Rasi Gandanta which deals with the Moon in Gandanta is especially not good because of a possibility of deep morbid thinking and changeable emotions and behaviour. The Moon is the Karaka for the mind and the mind can be one’s best friend and one’s own worst enemy.

The judgement of Rasi ie Moon in Gandanta should be made on various other factors:

1. Is the Moon otherwise strong?

That is to say, is the Moon otherwise in debilitation or does it occupy the 6th, 8th or 12th from the Ascendant, an exceptionally bad placement for the Moon which usually gives its results in its Mahadasa or in childhood.

2. What strength do Sun, Ascendant and Ascendant lord possess?

The peculiarity of Moon in Gandanta (Rasi Gandanta) is a loss of confidence, morbid thinking can predominate but most importantly the propensity to take wrong decisions whenever Moon in transit starts approaching the precise position of Gandanta it was placed in. Thus if a horoscope has Moon in 1 degree of Leo and if the Ascendant is Capricorn, then Moon occupies the Gandanta of Leo … most importantly it’s in the 8th house of death and whenever Moon in transit approaches this point, the person will end up being drawn to decisions which will cause harm to their own self interest in the future. This ability will predominate if the Moon is a waning Moon and approaching Amavasya (New Moon) from the 8th Tithi onwards.


3. How powerful is Mercury in that chart? (As Mercury governs logic)

Similarly, for other grahas depending on where they are in Gandanta, the transit of that same graha over that point in the horoscope will draw them to (foolishly) take a decision which irrevocably changes their future.

For example if Ketu is in Gandanta in Aries, in the natal chart, then transit Ketu over that point will cause a sudden desire to do something quite irrevocable, Ketu being headless, this could be some sort of headless decision like drinking and driving and causing an accident or other reckless decisions. In these charts, there is a strong propensity to not think too much about the consequences of actions which in life, can produce material damage which may be severe enough that it may not be easily recoverable.

If Jupiter is in Gandanta, every 13 years when it passes over that point, depending on the Mahadasa and antardasa, there will be a propensity to be driven toward a decision which involves that weak Jupiter and so on.

in my next blog, I will cover some remedial measures for Gandanta.

May the ever auspicious Durga bless us all and help us enjoy our full potential.

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