By Dr Manish Pandit

A short note on the Goddess Bhairavi:
One of the Ten Mahavidyas, the Goddess Bhairavi is designated as so fierce in appearance that She is virtually indistinguishable from Kaali.
The name suggests the concept of this deity: That which Terrifies. However, this concept is most misunderstood. 

The question arises: Terrifies what?
Well, the Tantras provide an answer here. See, every being in this Universe ages with Time. The ageing process is designated as “Nitya or daily Pralaya” as this process is a constant process.
So, the worship of the Goddess Bhairavi can slow down the ageing process and is concerned with all the materials and methods which are required or used in this process including Jeevit Parada.

Now, if the concept is extended to all the beings and materials in this Universe then one realises that even one’s wealth is subject to this law. Hence a slight change in the mantra gives rise to the “Sampat Prada Bhairavi” mantra.
Extending this idea to “Sukh”, you get that force of nature which slows down the force reducing your happiness.
The idea here can be extended to many different spheres of life.

If you turn this idea the other way around, then ask the question, “what will slow down this force of slow destruction ”?

The answer provides you the essence of the Devata:
The essential nature of this Goddess, ie, the experiential reality of this Goddess ( as all Hinduism is really about an inner mystical experience), is that of the sacred fire or flame.
As this fire in Hinduism is designated “Maha Vaidya” or the king of healing forces, this force is also Bhairavi Herself.

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