By Dr Manish Pandit

Having just spoken to a close friend who is thankfully recovering from Coronavirus, I think it’s important to give a few pointers on Ayurvedic herbs used in general for other flu like illnesses and also certain foods to be avoided. (Not tested by me in Covid19 although, Patanjali has submitted a paper on Ashwagandha to Virology).

Many decades ago, I was, in general, somebody who used to fall ill with colds/coughs/flu with unfailing regularity.
A couple of things changed this: one of those things was meeting an Ayurvedacharya from Pune, resident in Velhe. He introduced me to Ashwagandha and other herbs for building up resistance to illness.
Over the years, many who came in contact with me benefited from the Ashwagandha advice. In general , I recommend taking it in powder form with honey, 1tsp X 2 times a day.

Pippali (long black pepper) of two varieties: Coorg (small) and Indonesian (large) are both useful but pungent in varying degrees. I prefer the entire peppercorn, rather than the powder. Start with 3 small or 1 large variety, with honey.

Short term use of Pippali is recommended in Ayurvedic texts although many have used over longer term.

Piper Longum: Indonesian large

Giloy or Guduchi comes in Ghanvati form and 1 tab x twice a day is useful.
I would avoid yoghurt (blocks subtle channels), ice creams, alcohol (reduces immunity) in general.
As usual practise safe distancing measures and hand washing. Stay at home. You don’t want to get this illness.
(Photo of Piper Longum large Indonesian,)

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