By Dr. Manish Pandit

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I will divide this blog into a few definitive parts using a few questions:

1. Why Is Homam so useful?

Many years ago, I started performing Ganapati homam and was struck by how easily the mental negativity which one normally faces in everyday modern life goes away easily. People try to do so many things in today’s life but unfortunately negativity overtakes them at some stage and many find it impossible to continue on that everlasting journey of life. I found that those numerous close friends and relatives who did homam started to improve their task capacity and mental health. The importance of this cannot be understated.

I would like to advise people that (most preferably outdoors) homa is best started through Ganesha and the significance of Ganesha is explained in this short film:

2: Is Homam difficult as a procedure?

A: Homam is an easy procedure to perform with very definitive effects on the mind and eventually on the ego. The goal of every spiritual path within Jnana marga is to to become more unlimited. If you are in the Tantra marga, then the idea is to “become” the Deity itself. Can one overcome duality of identity between worshipper and that which is worshipped? Can one “become” the Deity eventually? It is my experience that the process of becoming as above is accelerated through homa as long as one follows all the caveats.

3. Is there a dedicated way to perform homas?

Yes, those who wish to perform homa should go to and download the super short manuals for fire worship.

4. The basics of Mahaganapati homam are explained through this short film:

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