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By Dr Manish Pandit

Was Ramdas Samarth a contemporary of Shivaji Maharaj? If you go by legend then this is true but in actual fact it’s pretty much confirmed that Raje would only have met Ramdas Swami very late in the latters life.

However, Ramdas Swami wrote some impressive books which survive the test of time to this day, He wrote some of these in a place called Pabe inside a mountain which is accessed by a cave like tunnel. Two of my friends tried to go down rather unsuccessfully into the tunnel 20/25 years back into that place inside the mountain…. we must try and understand how great must be the physical and mental immunity of those people living at that time who could do this and spend so much time in solitude.

Many people in Maharashtra have had pratyaksha and swapna Darshan of Ramdas Swami in the past centuries…. including a colleague of my late father after a prolonged parayana suggested by me 26 years ago.

The issue with most people is that they simply don’t believe that someone can actually have “seen” these great figures however if we go by the Mahabharata, then even Arjuna who was probably one of the greatest yogis to have lived could not see the Virat rupa of Sri Krishna… until given that vision (divyam dadami te chakshuh). Of course your own destiny must support such fortunate occurrences.

Is it necessary to actually desire such a Darshan?

Well, here is my two cents: many people desire darshan of deity or Guru. BUT, most people don’t get it. This is the most problematic thing today, that we refuse to do sadhana and then because there is no proof even subjective proof, of anything, we refuse to believe. Of course, many a time, a person gets the Darshan when he has no desire to see the Deity… this does happen too… poorva Punya is important.

Do prolonged sadhana preferably directed sadhana, for decades and then decide whether these things are possible or not.

Jai Shree Rama

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