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By Dr Manish Pandit

Mahaganapati: A complete Vidya in itself

First let us briefly mention the various things which limit us in whatever we want to do:

These are, in no particular order:

1. The effect of your ancestral karmas,

2. The ganas and the Ganas as in Indriyas

4. Graha related issues

5. Your own limited senses

Often it so happens that you hear of people doing umpteen number of sadhanas but their material life only gets worse thereby leading them and others who see their efforts to conclude that their sadhana is not working.

The issue with Devatas vis a vis sadhana is that pretty much every Devata can give you “everything” but not every Devata will necessarily give you material comforts and peace of mind which is ultimately what most people want out of their sadhana. As I have said before, one can see that most people absolutely don’t want the Divine, they just want to improve their lives…. after all most people are householders with wife and children and nearly nobody wants your material wealth and all of these to disappear when you do sadhana. This is particularly true of some of the Ugra Devatas which I have described elsewhere…

Why then Mahaganapati?

Well, for this you have to look at the various Ganapatya texts, one of which is the Atharvashirsha… where Ganesha is effectively equated to being Rudra, Brahma, Vishnu and is extolled as being “Jagat Karana Acchyutam”

Ganesha worship in my experience and others effectively brings a lightness and peculiar joy along with removal of odd hurdles which beset a person’s life. Ganesha let me also say can give Jnana too quite easily as well if I might add…

Many decades ago, Pune (Punya Pattah or the place where Punya is performed) had many such Ganesh worshippers who used to spend their free time (even in their 20’s) doing Ganesh mantra anushthanas.

Nowadays people find it difficult to find time for effective sadhanas of Ganesha…. but many people here will testify how basic Ganesha sadhanas are able to transform your mental frame of mind thereby allowing you to transcend your own limitations and become free of the effect of your ancestral karmas, the ganas, the grahas related issues and your own limited senses, allowing you to project upon the world a different version of yourself …. at least temporarily or even permanently.

Here is a small film of Ganesha along with some ideas about how that worship can be easily brought into your lives.

Many have asked what sort of sankalpa to take while doing anusthana of Ganapati:

Japa say 10,000 number followed by homam 1/10th in fixed time interval with time and place fixed for japa with niyama.

Here is one basic sankalpa:

Shree Parameshwara Preetyartham mama kshema shtairya aayu aarogyaavaptyartham sarva aristha nirasana purvakam shree Ganesha prasedena shree Ganesha mantra dasha sahasra japakhyam karma karishye.

Hope this helps. (10,000 can be done in 11 days easily).

Kindly only start anusthanas if you actually intend to keep niyama (responsibility is yours and yours only)

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Jai Mahakaal

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