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By Dr Manish Pandit

Many years ago, quite a few of you will remember a very good film which came into being called “Raat”.

This film had a sentence at the end where Om Puri says that “The day is one thing, but the night hides numerous different entities”

There are few different issues with Adrshya Jagat or Unseen Universe: I give you the perception from three different POV (points of view)

The First POV is that of the people who are on the outside of this Adrshya Jagat and who due to no fault of theirs cannot see the Adrshya Jagat or invisible world. Either due to their ancestral karmas or due to their subtle senses not being developed enough or due to their own destiny, they cannot perceive this Hidden” world.. (and by the way, this world mostly wants to remain unseen anyway).

The Second POV is that of the beings in the Adrshya Jagat:

These mostly wish to stay hidden… there is an entire hierarchy of them and they really won’t call attention to themselves unless and until there is a reason to do so as follows:

A. If someone deliberately steps foot inside a place which belongs to them… such as a Smashana/ a cemetery / a place of abode of these beings OR

B. If someone deliberately starts calling one of these things by name and using one of the innumerable incantations which exist for this purpose etc.

C. If someone uses a Ouija board or Planchette to call one of these beings.

Out of all of these above, contrary to popular belief although now unfortunately made the norm due to innumerable Hollywood films on the subject of the Ouija board, the last ie. point C is the least malevolent/dangerous and the first … point A is the most dangerous and vies with point B …

As far as point A above is concerned, see, many many people dabble with the occult… but a couple of things need to be known before one starts to step into the places like cemeteries and Smashanas … where there is a connect with the beings of the Adrshya Jagat.

1. Does your own destiny permit you to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong?

2. Do you have the necessary prerequisites to go and step inside those places?

Five Steps before stepping into places mentioned in A above:

Not all rules apply to all those who step into these places… but for many these five procedural steps apply in order:

“Closing of the entry points into the body” or “Shareer Bandhna” followed by … “Keelana” or “drawing a protective circle around oneself”… and then “Disha bandhana“…. followed by a fourth step (not for the internet) … then finally the fifth step (not for the internet) …. all these are useful adjuncts to those people who step inside these places.

Most people only perform the first two, occasional people do the third, very few know the exact procedural steps for 4th and 5th some of which I have deliberately not talked about here.

Further… all the steps above need to be “Siddha“… ie. they need to be energised in such a manner that only a few repetitions will make all this work against the combined might of the hidden beings of the Adrshya Jagat.


However, there are two things which very few people actually understand… even those who step inside these places: one is the “aadhar” of the person ie. Divya, Madhyama or Adhama and the karmas of the womb in which they were born… and finally based on the adhara and their karmic rinas… I talk about… is the subtle vision developed by the person… most people cannot even see these beings … how will they even begin to understand where and what exact point to do the offering….


Despite knowing and having done all these things… anything can still go wrong because of human greed and other reasons beyond human control.

To be continued…..

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