By Dr Manish Pandit

The Story of Agyaan Swami (as heard in Velhe, Maharashtra at Tornagad very close to Paabe where Ramdas Swami wrote his magnum opus DasBodha decades ago)

I wrote this article a while ago on FB.

Once Ramdas Swami decided to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi. The consecrated murtis of Sri Ram, Sita Lakshman and Hanuman were all present at the monastery and the question soon arose: who would look after the naivedya and other rituals for these murtis daily while everyone was at Kashi?

Soon, all eyes turned to a peculiar disciple of Ramdas Swami. He was called Agyaan by everybody because of his total lack of common sense and wisdom. They all said “What will you gain by going to Kashi, o, Agyaan, better you stay here and do all the daily rituals”

Agyaan nodded and the entire monastery left for Kashi.

Agyaan soon grew to like cutting the grass, chopping the wood, fetching the water and doing the daily rituals for the murtis at the matha.

After 15 days of so however, he went to sleep late and overslept heavily. 6am came and went and Hanumanji woke up and was waiting, 630 am came and went, Sitaji also woke up and saw that Agyaan was still asleep. So, She commanded Hanumant, o, Vayu suta, go and bring all the necessary things for the meal, I will prepare this today, Ramchandra Ji should not go hungry.

So, Hanuman Ji went and came back in a jiffy and soon Sita Devi prepared a nice tasty meal of shadras pakwaan.

Then Ramchandra Ji woke up and saw the meal, he commanded Hanuman Ji to get some water and by the way, could he wake up Agyaan too?

So, Hanuman Ji went and woke up Agyaan who was very surprised to see a huge black langur with a golden hue sitting at his bedside. Still, he could not comprehend anything but in devotion, he clutched at Hanuman Ji’s feet who in turn hugged him. Then Agyaan went and did a lotangan at Sita Ji and Ramchandra ji ‘s feet. He then took a quick bath with the water Hanuman Ji had brought and then went and ate the food cooked by Sita ji. The entire day passed quickly and soon it was bedtime again.

Everybody went to sleep, but the next day, Agyaan awoke and got everything done on time. Then he turned to the altar and instead of the murtis, he saw Ram, Lakshman, Janaki and Hanuman Ji who he fed by hand.

This continued for the next 40 days and soon Ramdas Swami was back with his entire set of disciples. All of them looked at Agyaan somewhat guiltily but Agyaan was grinning.

He said “I will look after all the rituals from today” He was distracted by something in the sky and noticed Hanuman Ji was flying at great speed, so he waved at that Divya langur who then came and put a Tilak of chandan on his forehead (mind you, Hanuman Ji put Tilak on the boy’s head).

Ramdas Swami saw this and closed his eyes and in an instant realised the stupendous achievement of Agyaan. What took the great saint years had been achieved in mere days by Agyaan. He immediately hugged Agyaan and blessed him.

He then told the others that hence forth “This boy’s name is Agyaan Swami”.

Everybody was now shocked “Bhai yeh kya Ho gaya?”

Ramdas Swami revealed a little and said “That vision of the Gods which I have to close my eyes to realise is being enjoyed by this boy continuously in his natural state”

Lok hairan huey. People were astonished.

Moral of the story: Realisation can indeed come in mere instants to the pure hearted innocent and seemingly foolish person while a knowledgeable person may remain unenlightened for decades locked in their own web of logic and knowledge.

Jai Mahakaal Hanuman

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