One of the principles of Nath teaching is “do that which you do not wish to do”.
Although these words appear on the surface to be mere words, if you try and put them into practice for even a day you will recognise what a Herculean task you have undertaken.
So if you are abused and you wish to retaliate, then don’t do so. Or if you are abused and you are of a cowardly disposition and wish to stay silent, then you can’t be silent.
Or, if you wish to eat a bit more then don’t do it. OTOH if you wish to eat nothing at all, then you must eat. Occasionally a Nath will carry this teaching to crazy extremes… they won’t sleep as that’s what they wished to do, won’t sit as that’s what they wished to do and so on.
This sadhana will inflict pain on yourself….. and of course the Guru will tell you when to stop. But this teaching comes from a subtle source…. the mind is the best friend for some although for others it may be the worst enemy…. this sadhana tames the mighty enemy which the mind can be and makes it into a friend. There are two subtle sources of this method, one stems from the teaching that is “Swabhava Vijayati iti Shouryam”: “Only one who conquers his own nature is truly brave”.
The other stem of this teaching comes from Bhairavi Tantra… it is best not spoken in Vaikhari…
This teaching which of course like many other teachings of the Naths is not meant to be followed by most people today so please don’t do it as I won’t be responsible for what happens to your material life if you do…. but yes, it is equally true that I did follow this teaching for some periods of time in my life (before of course, it became too painful or truly impractical to do so)…

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Jai Mahakaal

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