A few people have asked why I don’t promote Shabar mantras despite liking the Nath path to the nth degree?
Here is my answer:
Shabar mantras where the mantra effectively forces the Deity to do something very specific for you, should be done only if one is absolutely absolutely absolutely certain that one’s aim is absolutely true and absolutely in consonance with Dharma and so on.
Now I ask the two questions: the first is this:
1. Which one of you possesses the absolute certain correct knowledge that something that you really desire in this Universe is right for you? In fact most things which are Sattwa based in this Universe will exact a painful price especially in the beginning and who likes anything painful or poisonous ? But that is the very nature of Sattwa.
How many know that what they really really desire could be the worst thing in their lives if that desire was fulfilled and came into their lives for real?
2. Secondly, I ask the question: which objective in life is that absolutely important to attain?
It’s debatable really .. once someone asks for something using Shabar chances of it happening are actually pretty high and therein lie two or three problems:
The fulfilment of desires using (any) mantras usually leads to a slippery slope wherein there is an incessant increase in desires and constant sakama sadhana…
instead of forcing Divine to do something specific it’s best to let Divine decide what is the best for you.
Jai Mahakaal

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