Just a few thoughts on Kundalini which was the basis for my previous post on Totapuri Maharaj and liberation.

1. Kundalini is “you”. Just that it’s not the “you” which the current “you” wanted. To put it in perspective, the current “you” has a name and a form. That name and form has ideas, an agenda and limited desires. Kundalini if it ever truly awakens and that’s a big IF is a force which is not just within. It is inside and it is outside… it is “She” and “”She” wants to make “you with the ideas and agendas” into “Him”…

2. For years I thought, “kya public chutiya banata hain, that “Kundalini is really dangerous, seriously uncontrollable?”… and for 16 years I was in this foolish delusion… it happens when you walk the spiritual path…. you think you are the boss. This is the one thing which will derail you and change you and whatever constitutes you inside and outside. That’s what makes it so dangerous… because “you” are not just that person.. but you actually are “you, your concept of your friends, and therefore your friends, your enemies and your concept of them, your colleagues and your concept of them, your relatives through your concept of them, the country, the world and eventually the Universe. All those things will change and they won’t necessarily change the way “the limited you” wanted them to change.

3. To put something in perspective based on the saint of Iraq Mansour Al Hallaq who was drawn and quartered but they could not really kill him and why?

Who can threaten a person with an awakened Kundalini?… any force one brings to threaten or coerce somebody in this situation is not even one millionanth of the force raging inside. Depending on which Devata has awakened, that force will dissolve that person like “a salt doll in the ocean”… very apt words by Ramakrishna and I would suggest imagining how that salt doll feels being dissolved.. that salt doll is “you”.

4. This above is the basis for my previous FB status on Totapuri.. for those having difficulty in imagining this… try putting an aspirin tablet in water and looking at it.. you will see what liberation means… and so it happens that people are sitting debating liberation/Mukti and extremely few even have a clue what it feels like.

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Jai Mahakaal

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