It so happened that one day somebody started debating (on Social media) on the topic of Liberation.
After a short moment I switched off. I remembered a short debate with myself from many years ago on this topic.
While I cannot remember parts of this debate, certain bits are very very clear in memory and I thought of reproducing them here.
This is an example from the life of Totapuri, a really famous Guru to none other than Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
Totapuri was an Advaitin of the highest order of Dashnami saints. He was able to go into the highest samadhi and so the legend goes would stay for a very short time at any place. You see, then of course he came to Dakshineshwar and his life was to change. It is said that he contracted dysentry during his stay in Kolkata. This dysentery was to trouble him to such an extent that it started to disturb him in all but the highest meditation.
One fine day, Totapuri was so troubled by the dysentery that he decided that enough was enough and wanted to give his life up in the Ganga.He walked into the Ganga and walked and walked and wherever he went, the water would barely come up to his knees if that. Totapuri would have wondered and wondered at this impossibility of Nature, except then , he caught sight of the temple of Ma Kali in Dakshineshwar. I would like to think that this great monk recieved a vision of the Great Goddess there (remember that at this point, he had already instructed Ramakrishna, his own disciple, in the science of making the Goddess “disappear” and experience the highest samadhi, which as we know Ramakrishna indeed did achieve and was silent for 6 days.)
But that great monk suddenly would have got a vision of the Great Goddess, ( or so i would like to think) which suddenly made his consciousness move in such a way such that he realised that he, the diseased body, the water of the Ganga and indeed the Dakshineshwar temple and the light that it was shining in, were all radiating from his own heart.

This is an important realisation for anyone debating on realisation and liberation. Liberation will be obtained only after the Divine mother of the Universe: Kali has given Her permission indeed ….just like a monk is ordained in the order of sanyasa in India only after his own biological mother gives permission.

And all this happened to one of the great monks of the world: Totapuri after 40 years of realisation of a high order , imagine the plight of the sadhakas of today.

All debate is useless, realisation is not an intellectual exercise and of course if it were the case then many intelligent people would be instantaneously liberated and those such as Kalidas would not be revered in the world in which we live. Realisation comes after experience of some sort has become permanent, otherwise like so many, one harps on “Veda Satya and Jagan Mithya” from the comfort of a warm house and a good keyboard,,,, only when that same Jagat makes its presence known in the form of death, disease and so on do sadhakas realise that their debates were just debates and not concrete realisations much less liberation.

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Jai Mahakaal.

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