There are many people from a Hindu background who say that “I do not believe in god”.
Now, this is a peculiar statement to make as far as Hindus are concerned and I will explain why. In Hinduism, we have “Deities”…. this is loosely translated as “Gods” but a more accurate term is to use the Sanskrit term “Devata “.
Now, what can the Devata do? Does the Devata really exist? Is the Devata capable of solving your problems? These are the numerous questions which naturally arise in the mind.
More importantly, can the Devata change your consciousness? This is the key question really.
In Hinduism, it is considered that the Devata has numerous forms. One such form is that which is made up of words. This is called a mantra. Thus a mantra is the Devata, but in a form of potential energy. Just like a seed contains the potential to form a tree, so does a mantra contain the potential to form the Devata.
But how can that energy be released and converted to kinetic energy to solve the numerous problems that modern existence brings?
So, here belief can be useful but is not absolutely necessary and here is therefore a particular prayoga or experiment that all rational minded people can do to prove to themselves that these things exist. I would advocate that those who wish to do this experiment, because, that is a loose translation of the word “prayog” should treat this like a scientist would and pay due attention to the strict conditions required to make your experiment a success.
So here goes:
Take any mantra you like, decide that you will do a minimum of 1000 repetitions of that mantra at the same time, at the same place and facing the same direction. Sit on a woollen blanket and use a rosary of 108 beads to count the amount done, such that 10 rounds of the rosary are done every day. (108 X 10 if you decide to do 1000).
The same Mala must be used and most importantly, you must maintain Bramhacharya at this time.
Do this procedure for a minimum of 21 days and don’t speak of this to anybody.
See the difference in your consciousness from the 8th day onwards.
Once you have experienced this difference, if you wish to use the mantra for some material problem, you ideally need to do this procedure 5 times before it actually works for mundane desires. Fire is ideally the best path but I understand that it may be a leap of faith too far for some, so here was a simple procedure to change consciousness which is easy to do, verifiable and reproducible.

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