Past life connections virtually dictate everything. your loves, your passing or deeper interests, your marriage, your friends, your children and indeed your enemies. The theory of karma holds that whatever was the nature of your connection with somebody, in whatever form they may so have been embodied at that time or now, the essence of that connection will operate in this life.

The karmic connections are encoded as memories in the mind and can produce quite extraordinary results. Usually though the effect of karmic memories is just as an undercurrent which do however control life, as people in general pay very little attention to how they think and behave.

The better or worse of those connections explain the so called “love at first sight” phenomenon quite easily.

If ur karmic debt with a person is that of friendship, then no matter what u do, that person will remain friends, in general. If your karmic debt with a person is carnal…. Especially many lifetimes…. God help you…. because the moment you see each other in this lifetime, then that memory will be aroused in this lifetime and depending on societal considerations, that debt will tend to play out or be reserved for a future lifetime.

If your karmic debt with somebody is that of knowledge, then that is the best, in Kali yuga its easiest for at least some knowledge to be transferred. If you have helped many in a past lifetime, nature will tend to somehow hand out a helping hand to you this time around….

But sometimes, the flavour of the karmic interaction in a past lifetime was not sweet. Instead some very bitter memories are encoded too depending on the nature of the interaction. If ur karmic debt with a person is that of enemity then no matter what you do, unless both you and the other person transcends those bonds, enmity will be the flavour of your interaction in this lifetime. Many people deal with betrayal, whether it be in love, friendship or financial affairs. The memories encoded by these interactions then tend to play out in a manner which is not useful to the victim of these interactions. Shock, anger, denial and sorrow all follow the victim of these karmic transactions. The main problem though is the inability to forget that bitter memory and the sorrow can destroy the victim, although karmically, as the wheels of karma grind slowly but surely, the perpetrator will also be destroyed… that is the nature of karma.

The purpose of this post is to help people who are in this sort of situation. You have recourse to two principal actions. This post will deal with the first: The worship of Smarahara or Shiva.

Smara hara (Shiva) takes away your memories… He helps to forget… so that is why Shiva gives renunciation.. u can easily forget the accumulated memories of previous lifetimes.

Smara Hara (Shiva) takes away memories no doubt but He also burns the karma associated and encoded by the lower three chakras of Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura, each of which encode the fundamentals of Greed, Sex and Lust and Food. The depiction of Shiva is at the cremation ground and there is a esoteric reason for that particular portrayal.

Memories of who you are cause you to identify with “you”… Shiva starts that process of annihilation of those memories, since you are none other than what you “remember” yourself to be, worship of Shiva can transform ” you” by a progressive destruction of those memories in His Smashana.

Each part of the ethereal body is associated with a particular Smashana, so for example, Shiva is at Manikarnika Maha Smashana at the Agya chakra in the centre of the two brows. There is a reason of course why Kashi is placed so high in the body and at the point just before the final 1000 petalled lotus. That is because after the memories are burned in Manikarnika at Kashi, nothing of the old personality remains to identify with anything much and hence the sadhaka can now enter samadhi if he or she so wishes.

This act of burning of all your possessions, in this case your memories which actually form your mental body….. obliterates those connections for ever… Hence the superb depiction of Shiva at the cremation ground.

Similarly, Avantika is situated lower in the body and Kanchi still differently and Shiva sits there in another rupa, helping the body physical protection if the sadhaka so wishes.

Most people are in pain because of the MEMORY that someone left them, betrayed them, screwed them.So if you go to Shiva: He will help you forget by burning the corpse on a funeral pyre.

Which corpse will He burn?:

The corpse of your memories which you are carrying everyday through and through your life. The corpse of your memories which eats away your present and future. The corpse of your memories which destroys your present. THAT corpse.

Shiva burns memories. If u are in pain, go to Shiva….if ur worship is thorough he will burn the memories so well, u wont remember the pain.

Shiva: Smarahara: Tripurari

The one who destroys the cities of wakefulness, sleep and dreams, encoding memory.

Hence the Destroyer.

Shankara: as He destroys your memories of pain… your pain goes away…. hence Shan(calm) kara (producer).

Shivoham Shivoham. Let us enjoy the bliss of Shiva’s Smashana internally.

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