Let me try and show you how AAP will blame Modi again come 2019:

The subsidies which AAP is doling out on water and electricity are causing a big problem. This subsidy is worth 1600 crore Rs.to the government.

Now it is obvious that if you increase allocation to something in your budget, then something else will have to face a fund crunch! In Delhi’s case it will be all infrastructure and development projects.

The amount deleted from infrastructure projects is 1350 crores. Housing, roads, public works, urban and rural development and other key projects suffer as a result.

Here is the problem now: the subsidies which Kejriwal provides help him in winning elections. On the other hand Kejriwal knows that most voters associate development (Vikas) of infrastructure with Modi.

So by cutting development funds he basically gets the opportunity to target Modi in 5 years time!

Before the elections you remember he said that he will get the shortfall in the budget because of these subsidies…  from the electricity n water companies!

Now in power he knows that this is just a nonsensical thing and so he keeps fooling the voter. Voter also keeps getting fooled looking at his innocent face.

Come 2019, he will say to the voter: “Look, Modi promised you Vikas and see such a big Jumla he did. Modi did not deliver”!

This is the genius of AAP and Kejriwal!

Anarchy unlimited! Politics unlimited! Baaki saab mauf!


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