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From the view point of the ordinary mortal human condition, there are many celestials who are immortal. Some of these include the Sun, Shiva, Brahma and Narayana.
Of all of these, the Sun which can be easily seen by the physical eye and until relatively recent times ruled mankind’s biological cycles, has captured the imagination of many civilisations and cultures over the millennia.
The Sun is on fire, constantly consumes part of itself and by doing so provides nourishment and energy to an entire solar system. If that Sun did not exist, creation as we know it too would not exist.
The subtle body of the Sun has been known for millenia by a name: The name is Surya Narayana.
Surya is Sanskrit for the Sun with rays, but why should we append Narayana to that name?

Perhaps it is because Narayana is associated with the maintainence of creation, just as Shiva is associated with its destruction.
If you are a worshipper of fire through homa, then you know that by doing so, you are feeding the subtle body of the Sun.
ie, every time you offer an oblation into the Fire, you offer it to Surya Narayana too.
There are reasons why many people get fast experiences (relatively speaking), from worshipping fire, one of them is the unselfish offering which goes to the subtle body of the Sun, every time you offer an oblation to any deity present in the Fire. The law of karma dictates that you must get back something (good or bad) from whatever you perform, if you have no desire in your head other than that to worship the Divine energy, then you will get something in return for it, even if you did not want anything in the first place.

However, I would like to call the Sun as Surya Shiva too.

Why Shiva?
Because Shiva’s actions are unselfish. I would also append Shiva too that name, because, in Jyotish, the Sun, which keeps destroying itself in order to provide you and me with nourishment has as its presiding Devata, the Destroyer or Shiva.

Just as one of the names of the Sun is Mitra, so too is Shiva, Mitra or friend to all who approach Him. The Sun does not say, “I wont give you light and energy for you are a sinner”, in this way the Sun is the world’s physical redeemer. If you can get to the subtle body of the Sun using homa, then you can get redemption from your actions too.

Shiva is the embodiment of that idea of redemption. He requires nothing from the Universe. His senses are unperturbed. He sits in an aware samadhi through the millenia. He allows nothing to disturb Him, for there is really nothing to be disturbed by. He allows the cold of the snow in Kailas to come and dry His skin, but it does not perturb His senses, for He forgives even the cold for doing what its nature causes it to do.

His senses are unperturbed, He does not allow anything to disturb Him, for it is all but transient: months roll into years, years into millenia…….

And if you approach Shiva, He too redeems you.

When Kundalini first awakens in a person, it is but a partial awakening or a purification of the Kundalini nerves at best. Even this is more than enough as an experience for most people. However, if you are to proceed towards relative immortality from here, you must realise that your old personality is going to dissolve the moment Kundalini goes into the near full awakening mode.

If you have a Kundalini which has awakened and are in the process of purifying it, then do understand Shiva, for He is key to what you want to do. You must develop the qualities of Kshama (forgiveness), Shanti (Quietness not just of the mind) and Daya (compassion). These are essential for an awakened and purified Kundalini confers great power and it is possible to accumulate great Shakti, but if you wish to become immortal, then you must conserve this Shakti. Learn to cultivate Mouna (silence). This silence of words must come from a tranquility of the mind, this is essential for there will be occasions on which you will want to react, to people, to situations and so on.

But it is difficult to react when you have become silent. Slowly, your reaction of anger and revenge will calm down. Over the months and years, because Kundalini is expressed speech too, the silence will give your words power (if that is what you wish). Slowly the power of transformation of Shiva will express itself within, and you too will allow Kundalini to change you and finish your old personality completely. Your new personality cannot be allowed to identify with anything which is limited. It must identify with Shiva Himself.

The Lord is merciful, let my playful prattle also become words in your praise.

Shivoham… Shivoham….

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